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Privacy Policy

Goldstéck endeavours to ensure the protection of your privacy when using our website. The way in which your personal data will be processed and protected is defined by this privacy policy. Changes may be made and we suggest you check this page whenever you visit our website.


Personal data


In accordance with the Luxembourg law of 2 August 2002, the customer has the right to access, rectify and delete personal data held about them. To exercise this right, the customer has to send an email to indicating his contact details (name, address). Goldstéck is committed to not provide any information or contact details of its customers to a third party, either for free or in return of payment.




The cookies saved on your computer by a website when you visit it, are used by the manager of the site, to recognize you when you return to the site and to gather information about the use you made on this site. We may use 'cookies' to find out which parts of our site you are interested in. This will allow us to improve your shopping experience with personalized information, to save your items in the shopping cart and you will avoid providing, on each new visit, the information you have already provided at an earlier date.


"Third party cookies" are also used to collect statistics on the hearing (Google Analytics).


By continuing to use, you accept the use of cookies.


It is possible at any time to detect the existence of these 'cookies', to object to their record and, if necessary, remove them from your browser. Please note that if you disable "cookies", you can't take advantage of all our features.

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